5 Essentials to Create a Rich Playroom

Children are highly stimulated creatures and it’s especially in their youth where they stand to boost their creativity and learning the most. This all begins by creating the right space for them to do so. You’ll probably find more than your fair share of interesting ideas looking through the Internet, but if you’re in need of some simple resourceful hacks that will help your child thrive, read on below!


There’s no downplaying the importance of prints in a child’s play area so make sure you include everything from little poems to children’s books and word displays. By keeping them in contact with a print-rich environment, you encourage your children to love the concept of reading and come to terms with their language while also further stimulating their creativity. Set up little shelves or baskets of books for the little ones to reach into and make it a point to hang up some word displays as well.


You can encourage your kids to be more independent with their actions by allowing them to easily access supplies on their own. These supplies could include anything from pompoms to glitter and paint. Essentially what you need to do is create little trolleys of supply boxes- you can use any packaging from old phone boxes to cereal boxes to store your craft materials. Anything that you feel uncertain about your child accessing with you not around can be placed further up and out of reach so they ask permission first.

Versatile toys

Versatile toys are the best type of toys for you to play with because they can be used in so many ways and combinations- one, your kid just can’t get bored of them and two, they play a huge role in boosting creativity and problem solving skills. These types of toys could be anything from kids toy kitchen play sets tobuilding blocks. It would help to keep these toys in translucent boxes so your child will easily be able to pull out what tickles their fancy.


The key to a stimulating space is that it is not only rich in resources but calming too. As any parent would know, with the multitude of toys that kids have, it’s hard to prevent a playing space from becoming messy. The best solution is toy rotation- this way you have far less on display and more room to work with as well.

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Usually there are certain colours you’d want to avoid when painting your room walls as they tend to affect our mood. For example, you’d want to opt for more calming, neutral colours that soothe the child rather than pour on too much energy like red tends to do. Don’t shy away from adding pops of colour like paintings or plants to complete the room.

These are the best ways you can create an interactive space for your child to play! But remember, however, the skills don’t show in just a day- they take years to be honed in on and shaped.