Advantages of 3D Laser Scanning

If you’re a contractor, it is essential to constantly update your tech equipment to keep up with the tight competition in the construction industry. Having the latest technology in your equipment helps you do the job more efficiently. Aside from that, you can also attract more clients because they could expect quality and fast service from your company.

What Is 3D Laser Scanning?

In 3D laser scanning survey, laser lights are being emitted on all surfaces of the structure being scanned. After these lights reflect from the surface, it can create a precise image of the structure through coordinates and the spatial relationships of every element in the picture. 3D laser scanning is indeed a useful tool in pre-construction, quality control, virtual design construction and a lot more applications in engineering and construction.

What Are Its Advantages?

3D laser scanning is one of the most useful technologies used in engineering and construction. Aside from making the job more efficient, it has still lots of advantages to offer.

  • Speed – Compared when doing a manual scan, 3D laser scanning is definitely fast. It can scan and capture a complete image of the structure in just a few minutes. It provides a detailed and accurate scan, making it a perfect technology to use on any project.
  • Accuracy – Aside from speed, another great feature of laser scanning is accuracy. Measurements done by manual tools are prone to human error. 3D laser scanning is more accurate since it creates a precise image based on laser lights reflected on every point. There might be some slight discrepancy but it’s almost negligible, like a few millimetres or so.
  • Increased Efficiency with Lesser Cost –When you use a laser scan in your project, you can be assured of accuracy and efficiency in your work. Aside from those two, you can also cut down on expenses since there will be lesser equipment and tools that needed to be used in completing the project. There are also lesser chances of delays and issues since you have all the complete information needed to finish the project.
  • Captures Extra Data – Laser scanning provides a complete and detailed scan of the project, even those parts that seem unnecessary. This comes in handy when you face unanticipated questions so there’s no need to return to the site and perform another measuring. Aside from saving time, it also saves your resources and helps you focus in completing the job.
  • Safety – 3D laser scanning is the safest choice when measuring dangerous or hazardous areas. There’s no need to risk your workers in obtaining manual measurements. Laser scans can be done safely from the ground without the need of going into the said location.

Almost every industry has adapted technology in its regular operations. Don’t get left behind and keep up with the tight competition in the construction industry by incorporating the use of latest technology and equipment in doing your job. Keep your clients satisfied by offering them quality services with the help of technology.