Basic Baby Clothing You Should Be Aware Of

Whether you’re planning your baby registry, staring down a mountain of shower presents or gazing into your day-old newborn’s wide eyes (who, surprise, just spit up again!), chances are, you might have that nagging feeling of lacking some important infant wardrobe. Here we made a shortlist of the best baby clothes that every new mom should own, along with a couple of fun ways to try.

Kimono Top

Such loose T-shirts with side snaps or ties reduce contact with the still sensitive umbilical cord stump of a newborn, in addition to being super-cute. And, as you and baby are still getting used to dressing, it can be a real lifesaver to have shirts that don’t have to be pulled over your infant’s neck. Kimono-style tops come with short and long sleeve choices and can be worn over a bodysuit as a top or a thin sweater.

Beanie Hats

Do you not think your summer baby needs a hat? Speak it over again. There’s a reason the hospital nurses put a hat on the head of your brand-new baby even before a diaper: a hat is a perfect way to regulate your body temperature because newborns get cold easily.

Throw a beanie hat into your diaper bag and pull it out into a cold restaurant, car or shop to keep your little one warm whatever the weather. Many models have a tip you tie into a knot, allowing you to adjust the size as the baby grows quickly.


They are just a shirt. We are a complete outfit. You are whatever you would like them to be. Bodysuits for infants — aka onesies — are a must-have for the closet for your baby. They’re a go to shower gift, but getting different sizes on hand is a good idea so you can keep pace with your fast-growing baby. Plus, you will practically never have enough of infants going through as many as four or five clean ones in a day (hello, spit up and blow-outs).

It’s good to have a variety of solids as well as prints to mix and match easily — but look for ones with envelope-style heads, regardless of pattern. What are you asking? These cute little flaps on the shoulders actually serve a crucial purpose. After a diaper leak, brands like huggies allow you to pull the bodysuit over the torso and legs of the baby instead of over the head, which is much easier.

Baby Socks

Speak of baby socks as teenage temperature regulators. Every month your baby was born, having plenty of socks makes it easy to make sure that those teeny feet stay warm, whether it’s cold outside or artic inside thanks to the AC blast.

Moreover, socks will build an outfit from anything, even if the baby just wears a bodysuit. (Think of what a statement your own boots can make!) Babies are of course notorious for kicking off their feet, so look for sturdy elastic tops. Another reason to browse around: Buy many packs of the same colour or pattern, so if one goes missing it won’t be an emergency.