Different Types of Heels Every Woman Should Know About

Heels are a woman’s best friend! The perfect type of shoes can increase your confidence level, change your look and grab other’s attention immediately. But do you know which ones are perfect for you? There is a wide gorgeous range of heels. The world of fashion covers every part of heels whether you’re after luxurious stilettos, expensive pumps or fashionable boots. These are the different types of heels you should know when you are planning to buy a new pair.

Types of Heels

To get your fashion ABC up to speed, we have mentioned the utmost usual types of heels below. Grab one for yourself from DESEO.

Block Heel

Super stylish and solid heel manages to allocate your body’s weight compared to thinner heels. They take a little pressure off the front of your foot which results in a better-relaxed position.

Cuban Heel

Cuban heels are usually short to medium in height and are very solid in appearance. It shows a slight taper from top to bottom. The idea of Cuban heel comes from the boys. They are found on ankle boots, loafers, and other closed shoes.

Comma Heels

This stylish heel is designed like a comma. Its extraordinary crescent pattern is very trendy and extremely eye-catching.

Cone Heel

Cone heels, used for all kinds of heeled shoes, are very stylish, versatile and timeless. They have a strong base for a comfortable position and a thin, beauty tip. They come in different heights.

Decorative Heel

Is there anything extraordinary and eye-catching than a beautifully decorated heel? It’s very fashionable. Only if we could wear pretty things like this all day.

Flare Heel

This heel increased popularity during the 70s. They have a slimmer base that slowly expands towards the bottom.

French Heel

This heel, similarly recognized as the pompadour heel or Louis heel, is an alternative of the spool heel and is normally on the shorter side. The French heel has a large top, a tinny middle and a short-curved bottom base.

High Heel

The most common type of shoes which come in all kinds of shapes and heights worn with a higher heel at least four inches or more are stilettos, heeled sandals and pumps.

Medium Heel

Medium heels are between three to four inches tall making it an excellent office and everyday wear. They improve your position without putting too much pressure on the balls of your feet.

Slim Heel

Slim heels are thin, tall heels which is a sexy option for a night party or a formal occasion because it adds visual length to your legs and makes you look fabulous.

Very High Heel

Very high heels are usually eight or more inches high and are usually equipped with a platform in the front to make your foot comfortable and not to overstretch it.


An ultra-slim heel with a height of three or four inches is the perfect option for a party. You will look sexy and fabulous. Note: these babies are not for new walkers.


The classic heel is perfect for your weekly nine-to-five. You can combine black or nude pumps with a pair of jeans or a cocktail dress for social events. Every girl should buy at least one pair.

Platform Heels

Platform heels are an excellent choice for nights-out and other occasions. It adds comfort and s a good height with an extra plateau in the front of the shoe.

Wedge Heels

Very comfortable, tall wedge heels are the champions that distribute the body’s weight evenly for a nice walk experience and a stylish look.

Ankle Strap Heels

Ankle strap heels are wrapped via a strap around the ankle and mixed with a slingback strap for extra security.

Slingback Heels

Slingbacks have a tinny strip around the heel, which protects the foot. The need for strip on the bridge makes your leg look slimmer.

Woah! That’s a lot of heels. Well, keep it simple and remember, comfort comes first. That doesn’t necessarily mean flats and sneakers. You can look exquisite yet comfortable with the right type of heel.