do trailers need registration

Do trailers need registration?

Every vehicle that moves on the road needs to be registered with the relevant department because the authorities use this registration number to track certain things.

do trailers need registration

For example, if you’re caught breaking the law, the authorities won’t be able to send you a ticket until or unless they have information about the vehicle’s registration number. Although the trailer doesn’t have the engine, it still needs to be registered with the relevant department as the authorities will use this number to track your position.


You’d have to register it with the same vehicle that you’re going to use to tow the trailer. And if you changed the vehicle for some reason, you’d then have to apply for the new registration of the trailer. In this article, we’ll share some information about whether trailers need registration or not. So, let’s get started.


Exemption for trailers


There is a common concept among people that trailers are exempted from registration but it’s not true. There is no doubt that some trailers are exempt from registration. But they are just a limited number of trailers. And you’d have to find out if your trailer lands in that category or not. The information about the specific models is basically available on the websites. Thus, you can find out if your trailer’s model land in that category or not.

do trailers need registration

If you want to stay safe from registration, we’d recommend visiting these websites before you purchase a trailer. You can simply visit the trailer trailers Albury to find the trailers that are exempted from registration.


Lightweight trailers


The lightweight trailers are usually somewhere between 600 to 750kg. So, if you have a lightweight trailer you can simply visit the official website of local authorities to register your trailer. It usually takes only a few minutes to submit your information on these websites. If you need any help, you can simply ask the individuals that have gone through this process before.


Heavy trailers


The trailers that are heavier than 750kg fall in a different category. For these trailers, you’d have to visit the nearby workshop. The experts will carefully inspect your trailer to prepare a detailed list of specs. After this test, the relevant authorities will decide if the trailer is worth registration or not.


Personal or Commercial Trailer


The personal trailers are often lighter than the commercial ones. And the personal trailers rarely need any registration. But the commercial trailers cannot move on the road until or unless they are registered by the relevant department.