How to choose a reliable ISMS partner for corporate purposes?

In the corporate context, the value of data and information is quite high. This is mainly due to the number of people who are depending on the business and due to the sheer magnitude of the financial value. Hence, having invested in the ideal ISMS (Information Security Management System), is one of the best upgrades that you can do to your company.

Since there are many companies in Australia, it is essential to make a good selection. Paying attention to these 3 key areas would help you to do a thorough filtering.

  • Have a clear understanding about the areas you need to safeguard

The simple meaning of encrypting is not so hard to understand. But when it comes to the cyber space, things get more and more specific. For an example, you would see that the URL of most of the links that we use start with HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol), which is an underlying protocol of the internet. But if your web applications are properly encrypted, so that even in a case of a third part interference, the content will not be able to be read, because they are encrypted and can only be decoded by either the sender or the receiver. If they are, the extension would be HTTPS, which is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

This is yet one of the many areas that needs to be assessed. In fact, you need to conduct a standardized penetrating trial so that you would know the loopholes of your ISMS. In a company like Gridware, they knows how to conduct it in the best way, which is briefly described as follows;

Step #1 – Gathering information using the OWASP source code.

Step #2 – Modelling a threat that fits the nature of the situation.

Step #3 – Vulnerability analysis with banner grabbing, flaw scanning and brute forcing and more.

Step #4 – The execution of the breach.

As it can be seen, you would be able to know anything and everything of the defensive system just like that.

  • Are the solutions based on standardization?

The reason why the world is quite hell-bent of standardization is since a lot of people are practicing a lot of professions and services, just for a sake of it; this tarnishes the quality of the HQ services. Gridware as a company that provides comprehensive cyber security solutions understand this. That is why you always would be encouraged to work towards achieving the ISO 27001, which is an international security standard, which will elevate the quality of your organization. This not only would keep the assets and the employees safe but would give the faith to the customers to freely engage in their transactions with the organization.

  • Ability to fix problems

Although it is always good to prevent the damage control, it isn’t like you can ignore the issues that have already arisen. Just because a company is proving security solutions in the cyber context doesn’t mean that they can resolve real time threats – for that, you need to hire a specifically specialized company. Because there is a fair possibility to come across such problems and you need to be prepared.