Reasons Why Wind is a Good Renewable Energy Source

With the rising prices of energy today, more and more people are looking for alternative and renewable energy source. Solar energy and wind power are the two most popular sources of energy if you’re looking for cost-friendly ways. These systems get their energy from the sun and the wind, making them the most renewable since these natural resources never get depleted

Wind power is produced by wind turbines that rotate when wind blows on them. As it rotates, it transforms the wind’s kinetic energy into mechanical power which can then be converted into energy to provide power to homes and communities. Some people say that it is better than solar, and even vice versa. To learn more, here are some of the reasons why wind power is a good alternative source of energy.

Works Day and Night

One of the first advantages of wind energy is that it is present both day and night, unlike solar power which can only be harnessed during daytime when the sun is up. As long as there is enough wind power to turn the turbine, you can get this to power your home or establishment even at night.

Can Generate More Energy

Unlike other sources of energy, wind can produce much more energy as long as you have more turbines installed. Winds farms are the cluster of wind turbines in an area. They are usually connected to the grid to provide electricity to power a village or even a larger area.

Wind farms are popular on areas that are not densely populated because the turbines can take up much space with their size. Bigger turbines are mounted if they need to power wider areas too in order to produce more electricity to provide power for all.

Can Be Built Offshore

Wind turbines and wind farms are great to be built on remote areas because it needs so much space. However, they can also be built offshore because of the strong winds present there. It would be a perfect source of renewable energy for people near the shore.


As long as the turbines are mounted high up where there are no obstacles that could block the air from blowing freely, you can have a continuous supply of power from the wind when you’re near the coast. Aside from that, houses don’t need to be located near the wind farm – transmission lines can be used in order to take the electricity to villages or populated areas.

Produce More than Solar Power System

Based on studies, wind turbines produce significantly more electricity compared to solar panels. One wind turbine can produce almost the same amount of power from 48,000 solar panels. As long as you place the turbine in a good spot where the wind always passes, your energy supply can be much stable. No matter what season it is, you still have the wind as an alternative energy source.

Just like any energy source, do your research first and consider all the factors to see if wind power is a perfect choice for your home.