Various Ways to Style Your Leather Trousers

You might think you could not pull off wearing leather trousers. But there are numerous styles of wearing leather trousers. You only need to find a style that works for you and an event appropriate to wear the leather trousers, although with just the proper accessories you could make the trousers suitable for any of your appointments.

Once you find out which style works for you, you could see how leather trousers could be one of the most important basic staples in your wardrobe.

Night Out Look

Leather trousers are mostly used for a night out. It could be styled with lace and or a kimono top especially if the weather is a bit nippy. Leather trousers could also be styled with a sheer long sleeve or a graphic tee. You could also wear it with a sparkly top and you would look like you are ready to party. As for shoes, strappy heels and or any length (ankle, knee high) boots are perfect for a night out look with a leather trouser. When it comes to accessorizing, channel your inner rocker and wear leather strap bracelets or black chokers.

Girl Next Door Look

You might think a girl next door look does not include leather trousers womens. You could partner the trousers with your favourite knitted tops. And when it becomes colder during fall and winter, an oversized sweater could still make you look like “the girl next door” even with leather trousers as your bottom. Your top and your bottom balance your look with a gentle yet still with a bad ass vibe.

Edgy Vibe Look

Wearing a leather trouser automatically gives you an edgy vibe. You could wear it with an oversized or statement tee. Even a basic white t-shirt works especially if you would partner it with a denim or leather jacket and ankle boots. This edgy vibe look works in any casual setting but still would not make you feel underdressed. Complete your look with a box clutch or any embellished handbags.

Corporate Look

Leather trousers might not be anyone’s choice when it comes to styling it for a corporate look. If it is paired with a turtle neck and a blazer or wear it with a wrap jacket, it could pass as a corporate look without you looking dreary or drab. Although you have to be very careful when you wear leather trousers to work because it might look too risqué. You also have to read and know about your company’s dress policy since not all companies are accepting of wearing leather in the office.

The good thing about leather trousers is that you already look like a million bucks no matter how you style it and no matter what top you wear especially if you know the accessories and the shoes to partner with it since they are versatile and practical. When you purchase one, they are an investment as well since you could style it in various and numerous ways.