What Wood Should You Use for Your Wood Working Project?

Have you ever had a wood working project that you really wanted to try out? It could be some kind of furniture or simply a piece that is decorative, either way, you should know what types of wood would work the best for the project that you would like to take on.

The many different types of wood that are available make them the best choice for the different projects that you may want to try. These qualities of wood could range from colour, to hardness to many other characteristics. In this blog, we will be looking at the different types of wood that you are able to use for a project that you would like to try.

Pine Wood

This is a kind of soft wood that is really easy for you to work with. You can easily drill this using a Makita cordless drill and you can also carve the piece that you are working on. The wood will have a light-yellow colour that will brighten the space where it has been used. If you however would like for the wood to be a little darker, pine wood is also very easy for you to stain. That said, many professionals will simply seal the wood using a kind of clear finish or varnish.

Cedar Wood

This is also another type of soft wood that you will find it very easy to work with. The wood has a very nice aroma and also has a characteristic colour that is red and warm which will make it perfect for any kind of work that you want. It is also rather resilient to the elements. Therefore, if you would like to make something that you want to keep outdoors, this would make for a fine finish. The kind of wood is also ideal for chests and wardrobes that will have clothing in them and will not be subjected to too much use. The nature of the wood is also very important as it keeps moths away.


This type of wood is also one that is rather resistant to moisture and therefore will make an excellent choice for something that you would like to keep outdoors. It is also comparatively soft and can be worked with rather easily.

The colour of the wood is somewhat reddish and you will be able to use different types of stains and paints on redwood. Because the natural colour of the wood is rather nice, many people who choose to work with it will leave the colour as it is and simply use a sealant to keep way mildew and use this to make furniture that can be left outside.

Cherry Wood

This type of wood will prove to be a bit more difficult and challenging to work with. It is a hardwood but compared to other wood types in the category, it is easier to work with. If you want to have light interiors that slight reddish tone of this wood can really help you get that. These are some of the types of wood that you can work with and do some of your home projects with as well.