Why Bikes are a better Mode of Transportation

Why Bikes are a Better Mode of Transportation?

Why Bikes are a better Mode of Transportation

The use of cars and other comfortable vehicles has become very common nowadays but bikes are still considered to be a better mode of transportation. The bikes do not only have the health benefits but they come with several other benefits that can protect you from major problems. In this article, we’ll share detailed information about why bikes are a better mode of transportation.


And we’re sure that you’d agree upon using the bike in your everyday routine. Usually, people prefer using a car when going to their office and there is nothing wrong with it. But we’d recommend using the bike for the most part of the day as it will bring you a lot of benefits. Let’s take a look at why bikes are a better mode of transportation.


It’s easy to finance a new bike

Although car manufacturers have reduced the price of cars to an extent, the bikes are still cheaper than cars. When it comes to buying a car, you’d have to take a loan from as many people cannot make the entire payment in a single attempt. However, the bikes are easily affordable and even a school going student can buy the bike with his pocket money.


If you start looking for bikes for sale online, you’d find out that a number of bikes are easily available in your budget. And the interesting part is that these bikes come with several features that can make your life easier.


Health Benefits

The health benefits of bikes can never be underestimated. The bikes play an essential role in reducing the fats from your body. So, if you’re concerned about losing weight, the bike will help you out. The stats show that the bikers can easily reduce their weight from 15 to 20 pounds if they consistently use the bike for at least one year. The back pain problem can also be reduced if you start using the bike as a mode of transportation.


Low Maintenance Cost


The most interesting thing about using bikes as a mode of transportation is that you can easily get rid of maintenance costs. The maintenance costs for a car are very high. You’re supposed to spend around $50 per month on the maintenance of your car while the bikes will hardly cost you $50 in a year or so.